Service & Beratung

Use OF Value-Added Services

AHOI offers not only financial data but also specific features based on this data and can therefore create even more added value. For example, we offer easy access to such features as notifications, forecasts or authentication.

Accounts & Portfolios

The Wallis.Multibanking-API enables the retrieval of transactions and securities accounts at almost all German banks and Sparkassen, automatic background account updates as well as transfers.

Pattern Recognition & Categorization

As an example, transactions can be classified as recurring or assigned to certain areas of life. AHOI can identify and extract order information from the transaction data.


AHOI alerts your service regarding new transactions, for example, or during asynchronous events within payment processes.


With AHOI you can determine whether banking access exists with the corresponding accounts.

Forecast & Evaluation

Based on recurring transactions, AHOI can forecast a balance at a future date or make an income surplus calculation for a set period of time.

Storage of Financial Data

Financial data can be stored permanently or temporarily and managed independently.