You are an approved KID or ZAD here in short the steps to use the productive environment of the XS2A API.

Switch to productive environment

The current productive version of the XS2A API is based on the Berlin Group specification.

  • Accessibility: 24/7

Notes for the productive environment

The productive environment of the XS2A interface is basically accessible via

https://xs2a.f-i-apim.de:8443/fixs2aop-env/xs2a-api/<bankcode>, where the "<bankcode>" represents the German BLZ (bank code).

  1. Contact the regulating body

    In order to be able to use the productive XS2A interfaces as a TPP (Third Party Provider), you must register with the regulating body (in Germany this is BaFin) or obtain permission.

  2. Trust certificate

    To use the productive XS2A API of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, you need a real certificate issued by an approved trust center. In Germany, these certificates are issued by the Bundesdruckerei, for example.

  3. Documentation

    If you are not familiar with our documentation, please download the documentation package. Usage details can be found in the attached ReadMe file..

  4. Ready

    Done. Now you have everything you need to get started with the productive XS2A API. For further questions, please refer to our FAQ section or a support form at the bottom of this page.


A list of international trust centers can be found here, these trust centers are supported in the productive context. It should be noted that only test certificates of the listed trust centers are supported on the sandbox system.


Berlin Group Documentation

Like the productive interface, the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe sandbox is based on the XS2A interface specification "NextGenPSD2" of the European standardization initiative of the Berlin Group.