With a valid test certificate, you can immediately test on our sandbox of the XS2A API and start integrating your application.

Client integration & testing

Do you want to use the PSD2 interface of the German Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe with your client application in the future and integrate and test it at an early stage? Then our PSD2 sandbox will help you. It enables you to perform all tests and integration work, even without real customer data. You can find all information about the application here on the page.

Real test. Without real data.

With the PSD2 sandbox and a test certificate, you can test and harden your client application or middleware today. Even before deploying real certificates that a registered KID (account information service) or permission-based ZAD (payment initiation service) will use.

  1. Contact the regulating body

    In order to be able to use the production XS2A interfaces as a TPP (third-party provider), you must contact the regulatory body (in Germany this is the BaFin) or obtain a permit. Allow sufficient time for approval. Afterwards, you will need to apply for genuine certificates, which are expected by the production XS2A interfaces.

  2. Trust Center Test Certificate

    To be able to use the XS2A sandbox from the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, instead of a genuine certificate you will need a test certificate, which is issued by one of the approved Trust Centers. In Germany, these test certificates are issued by the Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printing Office), for example. To be able to use the production XS2A interfaces, you will need the corresponding certificate (not a test certificate), which you can apply for after being approved by the regulatory body. If you have a PSD2-QW

  3. Documentation

    With a valid test certificate, you can begin testing the XS2A API in our sandbox right away and start integrating your application.

  4. Done.

    You're all set. Now you have everything you need to start with the production XS2A API. If you have additional questions, please consult our FAQ section or use the support form at the bottom of this page.


A list of international trust centers can be found here, these trust centers are supported in the productive context. It should be noted that only test certificates of the listed trust centers are supported on the sandbox system.


Berlin Group Documentation

Like the productive interface, the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe sandbox is based on the XS2A interface specification "NextGenPSD2" of the European standardization initiative of the Berlin Group.