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Anti-fraud documents audit

The Use Case

With PPI's Anti-Fraud Document Check, you can easily and quickly check submitted documents for tampering. With this solution, you design internal processes more efficiently and reduce the risk of fraud.

The challenge

Every day, you are confronted with countless documents that have to be manually checked for authenticity. The enormous amount of documents to be checked can lead to manipulations not being detected and to serious cases of fraud. With anti-fraud document verification, the verification process can be digitized and the probability of becoming a victim of fraud through manipulated documents can be reduced.

The solution

State-of-the-art technologies that work quickly and effectively are used for document verification. The automated processes allow you to save time and resources.

Simply integrate the anti-fraud document check into your workflows via API and protect yourself effectively against fraud through manipulated documents.

Submitted documents are checked for authenticity and validity. We rely on optical document verification using CMFD (copy-move forgery detection), AI-based OCR verification, and content verification using specially developed algorithms and rules. This method is extremely reliable and helps you detect invalid, manipulated or forged documents. In addition to visual and content verification, we also analyze the metadata of documents to determine their authenticity. Our AI technology makes it possible to analyze documents in a way that is not possible for the human eye. We rely on machine learning technologies to detect and classify suspicious documents.

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