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Automated sales support for SMEs (commercial/business customers)

The Use Case

With the automated sales support for SMEs, commercial and business customer sales are shown the need for financial products and solutions for each individual customer fully automatically. This saves time and effort and enables better consultations with a significantly higher success rate.

The challenge

The advisory and sales business with SMEs (commercial and business customers) is similarly complex and fragmented as the private customer business. It is ideal if the need for financial products can be determined automatically for each SME. Then the sales team can advise each SME from the outset with the specific solutions that meet their needs.

The solution

Our automatic sales support for SMEs recognizes the current coverage and the specific need for financial products in the following areas for each SME and business customer:

- Account models

- Card and payment products

- Credit, leasing and other financing products

- Insurance products

- Company pension schemes

- Private wealth transfer and private wealth products

- and other areas

For each SME, the product requirements are broken down into individual products, together with an explanation of why this product is necessary or particularly useful for this customer.

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