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Save cents with bevestor and wallis

bevestor Cent-Sparen - automatic investing based on your expenses

The Use Case

With Cent-Sparen, you can also invest in your bevestor securities account, quite simply on the side. To do this, the wallis.Multibank API looks at the transactions on your checking account. Every time you have an expense, wallis calculates the difference to the next full euro.

The challenge

How do you get young people to save for a fund?

An Example

If you pay for a €1.80 coffee with your bank card, we round this amount up to the nearest euro. In this case, that would be 20 cents. Round amounts like €3.00 and cash receipts are not taken into account. On Mondays, we look at the last seven days and add up these round ups. We round this amount up again to the next full euro. The amount is collected by DekaBank from the reference account of your selected securities account and invested. All this is made possible by wallis.Multibank-API.

In one sentence

Who is behind Cent-sparen?

In order to use Cent-Sparen, access to your bank account is required so that the account movements and thus also the rounding-up amounts can be determined. bevestor cannot access your account directly. wallis takes over the view of your account. Because wallis is a provider of account information services regulated by BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) and part of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe.

With wallis, you set up a user account and establish a link with your bank account by entering your online banking access data on the wallis platform.

Wallis can then provide us with the relevant data of your transactions so that we can determine the round-up amounts. Your transaction data will be deleted after a few days.

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