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The Use Case

The increasing density of regulation in the financial industry is presenting banks and financial intermediaries with ever new and more complex challenges in product sales and thus their employees with ever more demanding and time-consuming tasks. At the same time, customers are increasingly demanding a broad range of products and individualized solutions. Taking both developments into account is only possible with automated checks (including suitability checks) at the instrument level.

The challenge

How do you ensure that product distribution complies with regulatory and internal requirements at all times and in all places? And this for thousands of financial instruments simultaneously within seconds?

The solution

Under today's general conditions (increasingly stronger regulation), ensuring compliant product distribution can economically only be automated. For this purpose, Investment Navigator has developed a rule engine which can be accessed via API and which can check thousands of financial instruments simultaneously against any number of rules. The solution has been successfully on the market since 2014 and is used by global financial institutions as well as regional banks.

The legal department defines all the checks and specifications required for product sales and Investment Navigator digitizes these into checking rules. Via API, the checking rules for the specific customer are called up for each sale, for each investment proposal, and the suitability of each financial instrument is analyzed on the basis of its characteristics and a clear classification is returned together with the reasons - if desired, also with a suitable alternative product.

This gives customer advisors greater security in product sales and more time to provide better advice to customers.

In one sentence

  • 24/7 checking of product sales rules in real time

  • Automated and identical checking in all applications thanks to central rule engine via API

  • Product characteristics do not have to be supplied

  • Response within seconds with clear classification, reasons and instructions for action

  • Suitable alternative financial instruments are suggested

  • Product sales rules can be extended as required

  • Unlimited number of checks