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Financial transparency for landlords

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The Use Case

The digital tenant check provides landlords with a quick and reliable holistic overview of the financial situation of their prospective tenants.

The challenge

Anyone who wants to rent out an apartment today must expect a high number of inquiries. When it comes to selection, many rely on proof of salary, self-disclosure and Schufa, although these are based on historical data and provide only part of the relevant information.

The solution

The digital tenant check enables the landlord to carry out a fully comprehensive and well-founded risk assessment of potential tenants. For this purpose, current financial and account data of the prospective tenant is used to create a comprehensive risk profile.

This enables the landlord to gain valuable insights into the financial situation of the prospective tenant and close the existing information gap.

In one sentence


For the landlord:

  • Real-time overview of the prospective tenant's financial situation

  • Creation of a comprehensive risk profile to assess creditworthiness

  • Consolidated view of multiple accounts

For the tenant:

  • Free overview of own budget and comparative values

  • Data protection-compliant evaluation without disclosing sensitive data to the landlord/broker

  • Consolidation of several accounts possible