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Minimize risks and address leads in a targeted manner for your company

The Use Case

With the digital building data, you receive address-specific, up-to-date and Germany-wide building and environmental data for your portfolio for claims and campaign management.

  • The data supports the transformation to a data-driven company through the digitalization and automation of your processes.

  • The use of data as a service allows you to focus on your core business.

  • The Germany-wide data on more than 56 million buildings is available quickly and reliably.

The challenge

The procurement, preparation and provision of the required building information causes major data-specific challenges and often involves a great deal of manual effort.

In addition, there is often a lack of data sources, low data quality, slow provision, old data and complicated license models.

The solution

All data from a single source, cloud-based, C5 and data protection compliant, fast, precise and up-to-date.

Our powerful data solution integrates into your processes - on demand for your needs.

The Datenservice+ API can be used to retrieve dynamic information on more than 56 million buildings across Germany - for example by entering an address. In addition to information on the building, details on outbuildings or the parcel of land are also displayed. In addition, the Datenservice+ API contains meteorological data, information on commercial enterprises and the surrounding area, so that a wide range of applications can be supported via the DS+API.

Benefit from our unique experience in handling building data.

  • Preparation of building data in close coordination with architects and engineers and comparison with on-site data.

  • More than 56 million buildings throughout Germany.

  • Currently more than 10,000 queries per day in the quotation and application process

In one sentence


Damage management

  • Plausibility check of reported damage using extensive and high-quality meteorological information

  • Forecast before and after accumulation events to support claims management

Campaign management

  • Change analysis of the portfolio

  • Small-scale analysis of market shares and derivation of sales measures

  • Targeted campaign management

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