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Information on all buildings and their surroundings as a service

The Use Case

The digital building data provides customers, consultants and appraisers with a quick and reliable comprehensive overview of 56 million buildings across Germany, their location and surroundings during the quotation and application process - accurate and up-to-date.

The challenge

In the quotation and application process for building insurance and/or property financing, various pieces of information are required that are also unknown to the owner - for example, the converted space.

The data is therefore often recorded on site - this process is time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive and also prone to errors.

In addition, there is often a lack of data sources, low data quality, slow provision and/or outdated data

The solution

All data from a single source, the use of digital building data can significantly speed up the process of preparing quotations - while improving data quality at the same time. For this purpose, various data is combined and the data required for the process is derived.

This means that consultants can obtain the necessary building information without an on-site visit by querying an address.

In addition to information on the building, details on outbuildings or the parcel of land are also displayed. In addition, the Datenservice+ API contains meteorological data, information on commercial enterprises and the surrounding area, so that a wide variety of use cases can be supported via the DS+API.

Benefit from our unique experience in handling building data. The preparation of building data is quality-assured in close coordination with architects and engineers and compared with on-site data, and more than 10,000 queries are currently made per day in the quotation and application process.

In one sentence


For the insurance, banking and building society sectors

The customer

  • Saves time, as the data is available at the touch of a button and has to be collected, estimated or researched together

  • Offer based on correct data for the best cover

The advisor

  • Pre-assignment in the rate/loan calculator for preparation/post-processing and the customer meeting

  • Digitalization and automation of processes

The appraiser

  • Complete appraisals can take place digitally

  • The on-site assignment is prepared at the touch of a button using the data information

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