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Prevention of Gen-Z abortion

The Use Case

With the early detection of Gen-Z dropouts, the imminent termination and departure of young customers can be anticipated and prevented in good time.

The challenge

The termination of Gen Z customers is a critical issue, as Gen Z customers terminate their contracts at the very moment when this customer group can become profitable for the bank for the first time. In view of the large number of terminations in the Gen-Z segment, the issue is relevant for every institution.

The solution

It is crucial to recognize a customer's intention to terminate as early as possible so that effective countermeasures can still be initiated.

Our solution recognizes pending terminations of a customer in the Gen-Z segment with a high degree of accuracy months in advance, together with a range of important additional information so that the termination can still be prevented:

  • the expected termination date;

  • the probable reason for termination, e.g. commencement of studies, upcoming training,

  • moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and much more;

  • the target bank to which the customer is likely to switch;

  • the customer's detailed financial behavior and product usage;

  • interests, hobbies, consumer behavior, contractual obligations and much more information in order to be able to prevent the upcoming termination in a targeted manner and with suitable added value

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