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vreed.INSIGHT is the first comprehensive digital platform for real estate refurbishment.

The challenge

The sharp drop in demand for new construction financing and the growing regulatory pressure for "green" construction financing is currently changing the world of real estate financing profoundly. Detailed data and calculations on real estate are becoming increasingly important and at the same time are only available to a limited extent.

The solution

The vreed.INSIGHT platform enables banks and financing brokers to quickly, easily and comprehensively assess the energy efficiency of properties and plan necessary refurbishment measures. At the same time, they receive information on investment costs, subsidies, savings and the cost-effectiveness of the measures in real time.

The calculations and evaluations are based on digital building twins, which offer a high level of transparency and reliability thanks to the connection to supplementary data sources and networking with highly accurate algorithms.

Thanks to the high data quality, vreed.INSIGHT not only offers the perfect basis for sales and consulting, but also provides the ideal starting point for reporting in accordance with the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

Thanks to the possibility of collaboration, data records for a property can be shared with different stakeholders and processed together. This optimizes processes, increases transparency and significantly shortens workflows. The use of vreed.INSIGHT as a Rest API solution allows connection to all internal systems and thus naturally further enhances the effects of increased efficiency.

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