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The Use Case

The account view allows everyone to effectively manage their finances in real time.

The challenge

Many people find it difficult to keep track of their finances and to plan. Various bank accounts and securities accounts make it easy to lose track of income and, above all, expenses.

The solution

The digital tenant check enables the landlord to carry out a fully comprehensive and well-founded risk assessment of potential tenants. For this purpose, current financial and account data of the prospective tenant is used to create a comprehensive risk profile.

This enables the landlord to gain valuable insights into the financial situation of the prospective tenant and close the existing information gap.

In one sentence

  • Zugriff auf alle Bankkonten und Depots

  • Automatische Aktualisierung der Finanzdaten

  • Echtzeit Überwachung und Kategorisierung der Transaktionen

  • Vergleich mit deiner Peer-Gruppe

  • Unterstützung bei deiner Budgetplanung