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Automatic credit requirement recognition including risk pre-check

The use case

With the credit requirement recognition function, customers who need a loan can be found in the customer base in a targeted manner and at exactly the right time. An automatic risk pre-check ensures that such a loan is then successfully granted to these customers.

The challenge

The automatic credit requirement recognition recognizes the credit requirements of your customers, e.g. for purchases, relocation, changes in professional situation, changes in family situation, and so on.

The system recognizes both the reason (intended use) for the loan and the loan amount so that the customer can be approached with a specific offer.

To avoid "nasty surprises", the system also carries out a preliminary risk check to ensure that the loan in question will be granted successfully. The result of this preliminary risk check is a summarized risk score, the complete income and expenditure side (economic situation) as well as the individual risk indicators and their evaluation, so that you are provided with a meaningful and extremely detailed risk profile of the customer or customers.

Depending on the technical set-up of your institution, an immediate credit approval can be implemented as an optional further step.

The solution

The basis: an idea for digital estate management. The product: an app that offers real added value during your lifetime. SAM extracts relevant information from all of the user's stored documents and makes it available quickly and securely in emergencies or while traveling, for example.

SAM is currently in the pilot phase and is not yet publicly available.

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