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Renovation Advisor API: The all-in-one renovation calculator

The Use Case

Calculate the energy efficiency potential and its financial savings with just a few clicks.

The challenge

The path to improving a home's energy efficiency can be complex. Many people are unsure where to start, have concerns about the initial cost and want to understand the environmental impact of their decisions. An online calculator makes this journey easier by highlighting energy weaknesses, providing transparent cost estimates and offering personalized recommendations. In this way, consultants, but also clients, can make informed decisions directly and align the budget with the right and important measures.

The solution

effi Renovation Calculator API - an intuitive online calculator designed for you to deliver fast and accurate results. With the Renovation Advisor API, they offer consultants and users the opportunity to quickly discover what the status quo of the property is and what potential lies dormant in it. It quickly shows which measures lead to which costs and savings. In addition, the subsidies API can be used to display further valuable information, such as the selection of suitable subsidies.

In one sentence

  • Determining the status quo Energy label A+ to H

  • Future energy label A+ to H

  • Recommendation of the refurbishment measures to be implemented

  • Display of relevant subsidies

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