Use Case | Zorro

Securities for Genereation Z

The Use Case

Zorro is a new way of trading securities: young, mobile and simple.

The challenge

How do you get young people to save for a fund?

The solution

Zorro is fully focused on Generation Z: a mobile-first application that enables young customers to invest in securities via residual money saving.

Zorro analyzes sales of current and credit card accounts from all German banks.

According to rules defined by the user, the turnover is rounded, e.g. to the next Euro, to the next 2, 5 or 10 ... Euro. The rounded remaining amount is then debited against the corresponding accounts and invested accordingly.

Zorro is currently under development.

In one sentence


For the customer

  • Sales analysis of current and credit card accounts of all German banks

  • Amounts are rounded and invested - according to rules defined by the user

For the provider

  • Addressing a young target group with an innovative fund savings service

  • Acquisition tool especially for young non-customers